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Coronavirus infections Rwanda

The total amount of people that have been diagnosed with the coronavirus in Rwanda.

Total deaths

1.11% of the infected people in Rwanda died.

Currently infected

64.18% of the infected people in Rwanda are still sick.

Total recovered

34.71% of the infected people in Rwanda have recovered.

Daily totals


Daily changes


Coronavirus statistics Rwanda

The coronavirus epidemic is an ongoing public health emergency of international concern caused by the COVID-19 virus, first identified by health authorities in Wuhan, China. At this moment there are 131.154 known infections in Rwanda. Currently 1.460 people have died, 84.172 people are still sick and 45.522 people have recovered from the coronavirus in Rwanda. The coronavirus is affecting 229 other countries around the world including one international conveyance (the Diamond Princess cruise ship harbored in Yokohama, Japan).

Corona Scanner is a free online dashboard solution which offers realtime coronavirus statistics like the amount of infections, deaths, still sick and recovered people per country. More statistics are coming very soon. Using this website we want to raise awareness about the impact and spreading patterns of the virus. The data displayed on this website originates from reliable sources (global health institutes) and is automatically updated every 30 seconds. Please note that our data only includes verified cases, which means that the exact numbers can vary from the numbers provided by news / social media sources.

Daily new infections

  1. 1
    Taiwan+32,672 infections
  2. 2
    Australia+30,282 infections
  3. 3
    Mexico+24,610 infections
  4. 4
    Japan+23,327 infections
  5. 5
    South Korea+10,059 infections
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